Backup both Windows and Linux System with one Repository

I wanted to upload changes from my Linux machine to a repository created on a Windows 10 machine but it seems Restic doesn’t support matching directories with different paths resulting in the duplication of data. Since Linux has a different path structure than Windows, is it even possible for Restic to backup from both of these systems with the same repository? I haven’t found any material on this topic anywhere and thought this would be a good place to ask.

BTW the files should have the same folder structure on both systems.

Your data is fully deduplicated, it doesn’t depend on the paths being the same as deduplication compares chunks of data.

Yes, restic will happily back up both your Linux and Windows systems into the same repository if you ask it to. And your data will be deduplicated (e.g. a file that’s more or less identical between the two systems will be deduplicated).

Your last comment is pretty moot - Restic is not what determines the paths you back up. If you back up different paths, for whatever reason, then they are different. If you back up equal paths, they are the same. It’s not something that restic affects. Hence, if your files should have the same folder structure on both systems, that’s something you must address on those systems, it has nothing to do with your backups and restic.

There is a nice PR from @aawsome that you are very welcome to try if you want to - it allows you to use a new --set-path option to the backup command to rewrite the path(s) you back up (e.g. back up E:\foo\bar but make restic store that as /foo/bar, which would then match the paths when you back up /foo/bar on your Linux system).

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