Backup Azure File Share snapshot to blob storage

Can I use restic to backup an Azure file share from mounted Azure file share snapshots?

I’d like to mount an azure file share snapshot on a VM to something like Z:@GMT-2021.08.19-03.50.55, then run a restic backup into Azure blob storage. But when I do that restic captures the snapshot date in the path, which will obviously change over time, probably causing restic to think I’m backing up an entirely different file set.

Is that a valid concern or does it not matter because restic is clever? Is there a way to make restic ignore the snapshot date?

Update: I’m working around this issue by setting --parent to the latest snapshot every time I run the backup, I think this is safe because the file set is always the same and is only backed up by this script, but I don’t know for sure, feedback appreciated.

Relatedly, I’m setting the --host to a fixed value since the backup runs in k8s with a different host each time.