Backup and sync game save data between devices

I want to set up a system where I can backup game save data on a server and sync that data between devices.

Right now on my home server I’ve made a restic directory that I push save data to from my PC.

For the game Shovel Knight, I backup the directory “/home/flafy/.local/share/Yacht Club Games”.

Now I also want to share and backup that data from my android phone or other PCs, where the path is different.

How can I do that? Is it possible to use restic like that?

I’m wondering how will restic know that “/home/flafy/.local/share/Yacht Club Games” and “/home/john/.local/share/Yacht Club Games” relate to the same save files and sync between them.

Restic is for backup. You are looking for syncing which syncthing excels at. With them both you can sync and backup your save data.

So how would the setup work?
Do I just use syncthing on “/home/flafy/.local/share/Yacht Club Games” and “/home/john/.local/share/Yacht Club Games”?

I’ll still backup that game save file from my main PC (/home/flafy) to the home server. But what if I want to backup from the second PC (/home/john) to the home server? Will I be able to backup only when I get access to the main PC ?

I’d suggest reading through the documentation first, then asking any questions on their community forum, but your example is sound.

As for backups - yes both source and destination computers would need to be on for a backup between them. However, if flafy has up-to-date save data, then a backup of that would be fine.