Backup a folder after restoring it


Imagine we lose a server and restore one folder of the lost server on a new server. Then we add some files to this folder and start to backup this new server folder on restic.

In my test it looks like it uploads the entire folder to the restic repository and does not do a “incremental” backup. My expectation was that it would only backup the new files added because we already have the data (of course the data was on another server but …)

Is it correct or am I wrong ?



If the underlying volume changed or any of the dates or other pieces of metadata, then restic will consider all of these files “new” and scans their content before negotiating with the repository if that content does already exists

Hi thanks for your answer so this means that after restoring a backup, we need to resync the entire backup to the repo ? :slight_smile:

Ok i have tested again and it seems fine it’s checking but not uploading :slight_smile: I guess I copy pasted the folder at a certain time and it messed up the metadata.

Correct, it might scan files anew but it will only upload blocks that aren’t already uploaded.