Back up ever-changing files in the same snapshot


I am using restic in 1 repo with 2 backups:

  1. Personal data
  2. Backups from Proxmox

I separating this because I do not want to mix them.
So the backup from 1. used the previous snapshot as parentsnapshot, nice, that is what I want.
But the 2. backup create every time a new snapshot, without a parent.

So when I apply a policy (like --keep-last 3) restic keep all snapshots, because every snapshot of 2. is the last one. Thats annoying me and i don’t know anything to tell restic to put it in a snapshot with a parent one.

I must say that the files that are backed up change constantly and are determined by a script. Like “take only files from last week”.
This works nice. I added one static textfile to the list of files, so restic have a constant reference, but this changes nothing.

Can you pls help me to make the 2. backup with parents, that I can use policies?

As far as I understand the parent needs to be on same host and same path.

If either changes, they are considered being about different things and can’t have a parent/child relationship