B2 storage for repo 7% larger than reported by restic

first post - enjoying the software so far except for this conundrum.

i have three repos stored using the B2 storage method and two are working very well and as expected with 9%+ dedup/compression.

for the third, the storage reported by Backblaze is about 7% larger than reported by restic and 6+% larger than the original on disk usage. the files are mostly flac/mp3 or various video formats and generally larger files.

B2 storage report shows: 957.1GB
restic thinks it should be: 891.323GiB

restic stats (raw-output mode) output:

Stats in raw-data mode:
     Snapshots processed:  1
        Total Blob Count:  671331
 Total Uncompressed Size:  894.082 GiB
              Total Size:  891.323 GiB
    Compression Progress:  100.00%
       Compression Ratio:  1.00x
Compression Space Saving:  0.31%

there is only one snapshot in this repo right now.

i created the repo without any special parameters - just “restic -r b2:bucketname:path/to_repo init”.

since the other two repos stored a good dedup savings of 9+% i was expecting similar results here instead of the other direction.

any clues what might be going on and how to wrangle the storage back to at least parity with on disk storage amount?


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welp, there’s my 7%. thanks - i should have done that math.

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