B2/S3 Speed expectations

I’m seeing about 5-6MB/s on a 40MB/s connection. I thought this was an issue with B2 (using B2 backend) so I tried using iDrive S3 and seeing exact same speed making me think there is something else going on. I tried changing the read-concurrency and b2 connections and saw no improvement.

If I set the S3 connections and read concurrency to a crazy number like 50 I can push almost 7MB/s but that’s the best I can do.

Does it make a difference when you upload a single big file? Also just to make sure, do you have a 40 Megabit/s or Megabyte/s uplink? Because if you have a 40Mbit/s uplink this sounds really reasonable to push ~ 7 Megabyte per second (as sometimes the uplink can be faster).

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@marky just checking in with you to see if your issue is resolved :slight_smile:

I’ve been testing other backends to see how the performance compares. Raising the connections and concurrency really high helped a bit.