Are multiple, possibly simultaneous, sources possible for one repository?

TL;DR version - having created a backup for an NFS share on a client referencing a folder /nfsmount, can I use that same repository and maintain the backup from the NFS server referencing folder /nfsexport?

Probably the simple answer is I’m doing it wrong, but…

Base configuration: Linux host server, running VirtualBox, with Linux guest.
Linux host exposes some folders, in some cases fairly sizable (multi-Terabyte), mounted via NFS in Linux guest.
Repository: OpenDrive via rclone

My setup has 99% of all services running on the Linux guest - basically Virtualbox and nothing else runs on the Linux host. This theoretically makes upgrades/repairs easier. Theoretically. So ideally…I thought I should have my backup server running within the guest as well.

I started out making backups from within the Linux guest of selected “local” folders. Works great. Then I thought about how to backup the “native” disk which is shared to the guest via NFS. I thought I’d keep all the backup config & processes stored & running on the guest…so I started that way. And as we speak the backup is running just fine. But I have a feeling…just a feeling…that the scan & processing will be slower for NFS sources than if the files are local. So now I’m thinking of starting the backup on the host. But the folder names are different on the host & guest - which I think means the host backup won’t recognize the guest backup as existing…so total duplication and waste of effort.

I also didn’t know if it was possible to have simultaneous backups referencing the same repository…and same source files…like running the backup on both the host & guest at the same time.


Not at all. restic will re-read everything, so the first backup is slow, but it will store almost no additional data in the repository as all data is already there. restic is able to recognize duplicate data even within different files at completely different places. When you backup the same file twice with different names (or from different machines), the raw data will only be stored once.

Also works just fine. Try it! :slight_smile:

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