Are local and SFTP repositories guaranteed compatible?

I’m currently using Restic to backup to a cloud storage solution but I was considering also backing up to my own system (via the SFTP backend). I was wondering if it was possible to use the SFTP repo data directory as a local repo as well. For example on the storage device I may want to back up (other) data to the same repo or I may want to push the snapshots in the repo to cloud storage (IIUC it would be better to do this from the local host rather than restic copy on a remote device).

So I was wondering is it “supported” to use the same directory as an SFTP repo from remote devices and as a local repo from the local device? I understand that different remotes have different layouts and locking so this isn’t guaranteed in general and reading discussions it seems like this does work in practice for this combination. But I was wondering if this is supported/intentional or if I should do something else (like loopback SSH into the local machine or just use a non-restic tool to backup the cloud storage).

If this is officially supported it would be nice to add to the docs that these two repository formats are compatible.

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Short answer: yes, it’s the same format, on purpose. In the beginning, we had different formats for local/sftp and e.g. s3, but made restic read both (and also convert s3 repos to the new format). You can find this in the design document.