Anyone using Restic with B2 (Backblaze) and object locks


is anyone using B2 with object locks? Ie files are supposed to be immutable in the bucket for at least the set number of days. In my tests, I had object locks for two days but, in reality, I would prob want the locks for a week or so (which would be my snapshotting interval).

I did few tries with Restic, but seems like Restic is expecting to create/delete locks and --no-lock not really working at least with the current 0.12.1. Lots of retries trying to delete locks and repo stayed locked and not all operations work, ie forget doesnt work. (I created an issue to github: Restic forget fails with B2 and object locks despite --no-lock (and a crash in forget when remote lock fails) · Issue #3491 · restic/restic · GitHub)

I wonder if anyone has really got restic working with B2 and object locks? And how did you set it up?

Also wondering does taking a snapshot (“reset”) the time on the older objects? I am considering the scenario that attacker or a malicious user would get access and try delete all the snapshots (they can): If they just delete all the objects in the repo they can (with the access information they have in the host), would the newest snapshot still be valid thanks to object locks that are enfoced on (b2) server side.

Thanks for all the insights!