Anyone have a docker image for a restic server?

I have a server machine where I want to send restic backups via the internet. So it seems I should run the rest server on a port and set up a letsencrypt key with the right cron jobs to renew that key automatically.

Has anyone set up a Docker image that does everything you need? Something that gets configured with a directory where backups should be saved and a user/pass combo.

We have published a (very simple) docker image here:, the source code for the image is here:

Did you know that the REST server is also available as a plugin to the Caddy web server? You can find it the docs here:

It will automatically handle letsencrypt certs and HTTPS for you. The only thing that hasn’t been added yet (but should be really easy to do) is the append only mode. Apart from that it’s just a REST server with all the nice features that Caddy offers.


I have plans to improve Rest Server Docker image, so it is more configurable than it is now. Stay tuned…


I created a rest server for Restic too.

Combining it with Schelly ( you can have a cron like scheduler with custom retention policies for managing the removal of old backups automatically.

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