Annotate snapshots?

Is it possible to add descriptions (a sentence or two) to (some) snapshots?

Some snapshots are important, and I’d like add a description to them (and also protect them from policy deletion). There are tags, but tags are not suitable for descriptions. Also tags are used mainly for “organizing” snapshots.

Any ideas?

So far tags are the only way to add additional information to a snapshot. Adding a description is tracked in Option to add description to snapshot · Issue #2376 · restic/restic · GitHub

For some inspiration about possible restic development considering these requests, you could take a look at the following rustic options

        --description <DESCRIPTION>    Add description to snapshot                    
        --description-from <FILE>      Add description to snapshot from file      
        --delete-never                 Mark snapshot as uneraseable                   
        --delete-after <DURATION>      Mark snapshot to be deleted after given duration (e.g. 10d)   

which add a delete and description field to the snapshot json.

This is great! I wonder how you would display the description and “never delete” flags with rustic?

rustic snapshots --long or rustic snapshots --json (restic, however, currently completely ignores these additional fields)

Thanks again!