Adding a new tag changes time of the snapshot

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Title is clear I guess :smile: Is this expected or shall I create an issue (couldn’t find one)?

I understand there might be need to put a new snapshot file in order to override old one, but why update the timestamp of snapshot? The data inside is not affected.

P.s. restic is still keep rocking for us very long time, thx again for this tool!


Which restic version are you using? If 0.10.0, can you verify that this also happened in 0.9.6?

Hmm now I tested the release version, master and my patched master on my local.

None of them changed the snapshot time. Also tested on production again, no changes.

It looks like I am a victim of coffee-deprivation and modified tags on the most recent snapshots instead. Sorry for the rodeo. :man_facepalming:

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Haha, well let us know if it happens again so we can adjust your coffee machine settings!

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