Add a new type of repository in manual for restic

How can i add a new repository type for chapter “Preparing a new repository” in * Manual for restic (latest development version), just like Microsoft Azure Blob Storage or Google Cloud Storage in .

hi, guys, Any idea? :wink:


Please realize that it normally takes more than three minutes to get a reply, it’s pointless to remind/ask again three minutes after your initial question.

Here are the steps:

  1. Read the information :slight_smile:
  2. Open a Pull Request (PR) in which you edit the file to include your changes.
  3. Stay tuned, we’ll look into your suggestion and make comments and often request updates to the changes. If in the end it all looks good and is relevant for the documentation, it should be merged :slight_smile:

PS: Let us know if you get stuck on something and need help. It might also be a good idea to explain what you intend to add before you start working on it, so we can tell if it’s something that is suitable for the documentation.

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