Accidentally started deleting my archive. Is it possible to save snapshots?

Hi guys,

By accident I started an rm -rf on one of my archive’s folder.
I stopped it after 2 seconds which means most of the data is still there because it’s a huge archive.

What I’ve tried already:

  • I wanted to run a check on it, but it said “Fatal: wrong password or no key found”

  • This was due to the missing keys folder. But luckily I have multiple repositories, all with the same password so I was hoping that copying an existing one to the corrupted one’s keys folder could progress my issue.

  • I guess it did fix it because the password got accepted as it seems.

But now it says: “Fatal: config cannot be loaded: ciphertext verification failed”

Is it possible to save at least some of the snapshots? I guess most’s deletion haven’t started yet when I stopped the process.

Or due to losing some files with key importance, all of the data is now lost because they are

Thanks in advance for all you help! :frowning:

Unfortunately, yes. restic encrypts the data using a randomly generated key. The password is only used to generate the key file from that key and the given password. That is, if you copy a key file from another repository, you won’t be able to access the repository contents - independently whether the passwords are identical or not.


Oh. That’s a bit sad. So I lost all my data.
Should I now just delete it and create a new repository? Or is there a way to clean/reset it?

The easiest way is to delete your repo and create a new one.

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