1fichier, Uptobox file hosting provider


I’m playing a bit with restic and b2 backblaze. It seems to exactly fit what I need :slight_smile: which is backing up 500GB of data.

But I’m not an IT guy. I was wondering if some file hosting providers such as Uptobox and 1fichier (through ftp) could work instead of backblaze?
Please, excuse my naive question.


Thanks a lot for your time

Restic does work with a lot of backends when used with rclone which supports a lot of backends. 1Fichier is already supported by rclone and support for Uptobox’s API is planned but whithout ETA.

This rclone integration is quite an option! Thanks for letting me know.
Given the price, would you recommend using 1fichier to backup data, instead of backblaze? What would I loose ?


I can’t make any recommendations because I’ve not used any of them. But I want to note something that is true for all backends: Do some proper testing because restic has to rely on the backend for data integrity.

I personally favor backends which don’t charge (too much) for egress, so I can run check --read-data from time to time.

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Take all recommendations with skepticism. What you could lose is all your backups! I do not know anything about the mentioned provider but there seems to be many “successful” comments about Amazon. But here is an item about someone who works for a company that sells backup stuff who lost all of his backups at another firm. Going for the cheapest option may be throwing away your data.
took money but deleted data anyway

And that is also one of the reason why it’s recommended (3-2-1 strategy for backups) to essentially have two different types of backups for your data. Or at least to store the backup in two different places.

ok. thanks for your feedback.


1Fichier does not support modification times.

Would this be a problem for restic ?

Files stored in the restic repository are never modified after being initially written, and are content-addressable by the hash of their contents; I don’t believe mtime matters at all since files are only ever created or deleted.