WordPress Backup With Restic

I often use backup tools to save my website files, I am now trying to backup data on Restic but don’t know why facing an issue, It’s showing me an error, recently I moved from shared hosting to Cloudways managed WordPress web hosting, Please share me the details of using Restic to backup my WordPress files.

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Can you please post the error message? Without it, we cannot help you.

To be honest, it feels to me you’re trying to place links to the mentioned WordPress hosting service in our forum for SEO reasons. I’ve removed the link. Please be aware that links posted by new users have the rel=nofollow attribute set automatically, so even if the link was still present, search engines will just disregard it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I added the link to show you the hosting company where I moved, anyways if you removed the link I have no issue with that.

Here’s the error when user starts chatting:

export REPO="sftp:stor:/data/restic_freenas/"

folders="/var/log/ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ /root/ /etc/ /var/log/"
restic -p $PW -r $REPO --cleanup-cache --tag back backup $folders

I’m sorry for the hostility in my previous message: we get a lot of spam that sometimes is hard to distinguish from real and honest users :slight_smile:

Thanks for adding a bit more detail, what you provided looks good to me. What’s the error you’re getting? I can’t see an error message…