Win11 backup advice

@AlBundy What a fantastic answer!! :astonished: :flushed:

Thanks a lot, I have a lot to learn. Even the “%~dp0” was new to me. Now I know what it is about.

I will try to put this material into practice. So far I was running two BATs on the Task Scheduler, one with a script to run the backup and the other to send me the report by mail.

The DOS Window is visible running commands like this? Or is invisible / minimized?

If you want to see the window, you can set your user in the task settings.
Here is an screenshot that shows the setting:

On my work pc I run the backup hourly invisible for me.

On my private pc I run the tasks visible once after each login.

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Thanks again! I was looking to hide the DOS windows so my clients wouldn’t be tempted to close them or interrupt the backup



Within this file you describe the repository?

restic -r rclone:backup:restictest --verbose backup

yes - in your case

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