Win10 : Unexpected file restore behaviour

win10, Restic v0.11.0
Been doing some test restores for single files and encountered some interesting behaviour.
The expected command failed, but the unexpected succeeded. When it did fail no error message produced, it went through motions like a successful restore but didn’t recovery anything. Restore success depended upon how the --include and --iinclude options were used. Bug?

restic -r V:\BKUP\repo-HDD2 restore dd9173d9 --target V:\test --include C:\Temp\stuffFF.txt

Unexpected restore failures
–include C:\Temp\stuffFF.txt
–iinclude C:\Temp\stuffFF.txt

Other failures
–include \c\Temp\stuffFF.txt (case for “Temp” correct)
–include /c/Temp/stuffFF.txt
–include \c\temp\stuffFF.txt (case for “temp” incorrect)
–include /c/temp/stuffFF.txt

Restore Success
–include *stuffFF.txt
–include *\Temp\stuffFF.txt
–iinclude *\temp\stuffFF.txt
–iinclude \c\temp\stuffFF.txt
–iinclude /c/temp/stuffFF.txt