What's the "live status" when backing up?

Hi there,

I tried to find information in the manual, what exactly is displayed as progress report during backing up. I am especially interested in this line:

[25:18] 89071 files 717.413 GiB, total 111473 files 726.215 Gib, 0 errors

While I found this here: “Be aware that the live status shows the processed files and not the transferred data. Transferred volume might be lower (due to de-duplication) or higher.” what is the difference between the two parts that are displayed?

Thanks in advance, J

Hey @jscheidtmann :slight_smile:

Looking at the code and putting the pieces together I think this is what it means:

The left side of the progress bar shows the current number processed files and size of them, and the right side shows the total size of targets that are being backed up in this backup run.

The right side is calculated by restic to show the total amount of files and the amount of data that is being handled during this backup run. The left side shows the process of restic scanning and handling those files.

+ that even though you have 730GiB in total but only 1GiB in changes, Restic will only upload or transfer 1GiB of changes to your repository wherever this may be.