What version is described in the docs?

I’ve installed restic 0.8.3 from the packages repository available to Linux Mint 19.1. QUESTION: Am I right in assuming that the docs at restic.readthedocs.io/ pertain to the ver. 0.9.4 available at https://github.com/restic/restic? (I ask because I’ve had trouble getting some of the command line code offered in the docs to work with my version.)

UPDATE: I would delete this question except that I’m apparently not allowed to. I’m now running ver. 0.9.4 successfully. However, my question would not even be necessary if at the beginning of the docs there were an advisory as to a) how current the docs are, and b) what version(s) they address. Just a thought.

Bottom left, there is a “v: latest” link you can click to navigate to documentation for different restic versions. To be fair, it’s not 100% clear that latest is 0.9.4, though this can be inferred from the popup that lists all of the available versions.

Wow! That’s impressive. Very. And I missed it completely.

Again, thanks for your speedy, totally focused help!