Web UI for Restic


So, Relica is closed source, right? No free (not talking “as in beer”) or open source software?

I am in your list since you posted it here and it looks amazing. Really good, but not a fan of closed source, tho. However, I really don’t mind to spend for this software if I were to setup this for someone who doesn’t know how to work with restic. It is cheap, considering you’re giving your software with a subscription for offsite backups.

I have a question… how does relica manage repositories if I have different computers backing up? Could I use the same repo for all or it will create a different repository for every host?


Relica separates the concept of a backup set from a destination. So you can create a single destination – say, the Relica Cloud, or a destination (folder) on another one of your computers – and have multiple backup sets, even multiple different computers, back up to it. A repository is shared within the same account, even if it is populated by multiple hosts.


@matt thank you for your answer. I wish the best for this project.


very interesting to read about your approach. Is it possible that you share your web UI for restic? I’m sure many would love to test it and perhaps contribute to it :slight_smile: