Way to see most recent snapshot from every host


I just started using restic and it looks like we are going be friends, however I’ve just noticed the snapshot command when used with latest as snapshot ID, shows only the most recent snapshot rather than latest snapshot from every host.

I’d expect that if no host is provided via -H, then restic would list latest snapshot from every host that’s in the index.

Not sure if I am missing some trick here?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Does restic snapshots (notice the plural) do what you’re looking for? (I use this one all the time.)

Hey Matt,

Yes, I meant snapshots command - I doesn’t look like restic support singular snapshot :slight_smile: my mistake!

The snapshots command displays information of all snapshots by default, or a list of snapshots selected by various criteria. Among others, this can be used to display all snapshots for a particular host, but exactly the use case you’re interested in (listing the last snapshot for each host) is not implemented right now.