Wasabi and usb disk in harmony

I use restic to backup my home linux server, and in the future I intend to add a few laptop homedrives. I have a wasabi and a 10tb usb disk repository. Ive automated the backups from the linux server with a systemd service and timer. So all seems good. Daily backup to cloud, hourly to the usb disk.

My issue is it seems a little silly to be managing two independant repos. I’d have thought it would make more send to backup to the local usb, then as part of the prune process, copy the daily from the usb to the cloud.

Can I improve my setup?

I can see others are just syncing their local repo to the cloud.
I like the idea that I might sync my laptop to the cloud because it’s always there, where as the local disk is only accessible on the local network. So it’s not always going to be disk > usb disk > cloud

I’d want to automate the solution, preferably with systemd.

I also do a backup of my home directory both to external disks (more than one) and to the cloud, backups not always run at the same time for each destination. I decided to do completely independent repositories, with the view that there was no chance that corruption in one repo would end up affecting the other one negatively.

The cloud backup is more frequent, given the extra step of connecting the external disks to the laptop, so the disks are more of a disaster recovery setup compared to the cloud which can be used to recover after accidental file deletions and such.

I haven’t found any negative consequences of this, I wonder if there are specific benefits to syncing repositories instead?

Why would this be silly, and how is it a problem to do so instead of trying to sync one repo to a second place?

There are upsides with using two separate repositories - e.g. if there’s corruption in one of them you don’t risk blindly syncing that corruption over to the second repo.

If you don’t have any actual problems running two backups, I’d do that. I do it personally, it’s not a problem in any way.