Uploading a 400GB Macrium Image File

Hi there,

I was wondering how feasible it would be to upload a 400GB image file of my C drive to BackBlaze, using Restic?

This 400GB image file would be generated by Macrium Reflect, a traditional backup software.

Does Restic have a way to pick up backup process if I were to kill an initial backup halfway through and resume with another backup process? Or does it have to start from the very beginning every time? This 400GB file is a single file.

Edit: I would like to mention that Macrium does have a way to split up the image file, however this disables incremental backups with that full backup.

My game plan was to upload a full backup image, and periodically upload incremental images, which I assume would be faster and smaller.

Yes, Restic can and will continue. You can find more information in the documentation FAQ — restic 0.14.0 documentation

Restic can detect changes in that file and will incrementally backup those changes.