Unable to open repo

I’m just starting to get familiar with Restic to backup up my photos from my archlinux box to a NAS running debian (armel) via sftp/ssh.

Currently I mount the NAS via fuse and init a repository from archlinux and create backups. This is all fine and I can list snapshots etc.

If I login to my NAS and try to list the snapshots of the repository I get the following message:

unable to open repo at test/: Open: stat test/tmp: no such file or directory

Am I missing something obvious? I am assuming that my repositories are essentially portable and so long as I can run restic and have the repo password, I should be able to list snaps and mount the repo.

Just to understand, how are you using restic in each host? What version are you using in both machines? I ask because in Debian’s repo there is a restic version but it is really old, I think is version 0.8.9 or something like that. So if that is the case, you should upgrade your restic binary downloading the latest version for your Debian NAS (I think armel is arm restic version) from the restic release page.

You should also know that instead of mounting your repository via fuse, you can also specify the repo like this without mounting anything (I would set a ssh passwordless key so you don’t have to put your ssh session password every time you need to do something with your repository): restic -r sftp:user@hostname:/path/to/restic/repository.

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Hello @digorgonzola,

From the little information you posted, all I can say is that the path to the repo, as seen from the NAS, is wrong.

Can you please post the entire commands you are running , both on the client machine and on the NAS?

– Durval.