Stats look wrong

Hi, using restic 0.9.3 and it’s great. I backup to B2 and B2 says my repo is using about 750GB. restic stats says restore size is around 15TB. Is this a known issue?

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Hi, did you read the docs for the stats command?

Remember that stats can compute over multiple snapshots and the counting mode affects the results.

The default stats mode “restore size” is “this is how much disk space it would use if you restored all snapshots” – that is, this is the logical amount of data that is backed up, before being deduplicated.

If you want to count the amount of data actually stored, use the “raw data” mode.

Additionally, you can constrain the report to a subset of the snapshots by specifying snapshot IDs on the command line.

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There was a bug in stats but it seems it have been merged. The problem was when using latest without specifying a host. Here’s the link

I don’t believe that bug is relevant to this thread.

Thank you all for the help. I did read about the different modes for stats but I misunderstood what “restore-size” meant. I thought it was the size of all my data if i restored the last snapshot, not the size of every snapshot (including duplicates).