Snapshot Paths oddity

I am new to restic and before I deploy it, I have been playing with a few test folders.

I’ve noticed the following odd behavior. It may be a bug, or it may be intentional. This is on macOS if that matters.

Consider the following (with RESTIC_PASSWORD set)

$ cd ~/restic_play

$ restic -r /path/to/repo .
$ restic -r /path/to/repo ~/restic_play

Now, when I do snapshots, I see both snapshots with the path /Users/**me**/restic_play which makes sense. But if I mount, I see one as just having the files in restic_play and the other as being the full system path to it.

This is certainly not a big deal, but it would be nice to understand the logic

Is it a bug?

This is intended and mimics the behavior of other archiving tools like tar. If you tar -c . then the stored paths are relative to the current directory, but if you tar -c "$(pwd)" then the paths are relative to the root.