Slow Restore from Dropbox

I started using restic to backup a 360GB vhd file. It only takes few hours to save a snapshot but restoring it takes far too long.
It downloads at only 10Mbit/s although a speedtest results 90Mbit/s, so I can’t see any problem on the wire. The VM resources it’s running on are only being scratched, also I’m using rclone:dropbox backend.

Is it a known problem? What could I do to sort this out?


I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve seen on the rclone forums that Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive typically have slow transfer speeds. The size of a file may also have some effect here depending on the backend. In my experience, restic itself is quite fast, but ultimately it depends on the backend.

The reason is that the restorer in restic is not yet optimized, there’s an open pull request which will do that once merged.

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Hi guys, an update on my issue.
I tried the restore with the “mt-restorer-ui” branch, which should allow much quicker times, but without success, in fact it is even slower.
Also note I gave plenty of resources to the VM, tried restoring on an iMac too, and a simple rclone copy from remote to local works as fast as my connections allows

Any advice would be helpful