Send tagged snapshots to remote B2

Hey all,

I’m backing up several workstations to a local drive containing one restic repo. Each workstation+datatype combo has a different hostname+tag. After backing up, some of the machines are powered down again.

What I would like to do is then tell my local restic repo to send any snapshot using a certain tag, to a remote restic repo on B2. Both restic repos would be unique, thus have different encryption keys, histories, passwords, etc. I’d like to keep the repos unique to improve data integrity; If my local repo corrupts for some reason, I wouldn’t want the corruption duplicated via rclone.

Does restic offer a native command for such a thing? If not, would it be acceptably fast to simply mount a snapshot, then backup the mount to the B2? I know I can just run backup a second time, and keep the machines powered on longer. But if possible, I’d like to avoid that.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Please let us know if restic copy to a remote repository preferably initiated with restic init --copy-chunker-params works for you.

I’ve just read the documentation, and it seems the perfect command. I can even filter snapshots by host and tag!

Thank you so much.