Semi offline backups, dedup to disk, offsitebackup

Hi, I accidently read about restic, and I like it very much - I have a question if I can do the following with restic, otherwise, I would have to script it with rsync.
I want to sync the catalog without the data online between two computers, and write only the delta data to a disk, to transport the disk later to the other computer.

Computer A —online repro sync(catalogonly)— Computer B
-sync meta info - online.
-write delta to disk © in Computer A
-transport disk from Computer A to Computer B
write delta from disk © to Computer B
A and B in sync, backuped…

so basicly the metadatasync of the repro online, and the dedup to disk.
maybe I have overread something in the docu
is this possible? if not, do you know a good script for keeping the meta data?

Hi and welcome.

I don’t really understand all of your description. Please click the edit button on your post and update the text so it is easier to understand for someone not at all knowing the context or background to your setup. Please use more concrete terms/examples of what you want to back up and how.

Hi rawtaz,
thank you, edited post - but not sure, if I described it concrete enough :-/ - well I hope so.

I don’t see how you could directly realize that setup with restic. It would be possible to mess with the repository by online syncing some of the folders in the repository and then using an overlay filesystem to capture the delta of the backup data.

However, that would yield a rather brittle setup that has a high chance of breaking if you use prune or rebuild-index.

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