Return code for stale locks

With stale locks the return code is 0. IMO this is not a successful run and should indicate this with a not-null return code. This is important for scripted and unattended backups.

Return codes are not currently covering all cases afaik. You can follow this related issue:

@aggsol I’m not really following what you mean is the problem, because:

  • The backup command will successfully back up data even if the repository has a stale lock, with an exit code of 0 which is proper, so that’s not an issue.
  • The forget and prune commands will refuse to work (citing a stale lock preventing new lock creation) when there’s a stale lock, giving exit code 1 which is proper, so that’s not an issue (I just tested it).

So what is the problem you’re referring to? Please be more specific.

You are right, I mixed prune and backup return codes in my Bash script. This is an non-issue now.

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