Restore printing files as they are restored?

Hi, sorry for the seemingly simple question, but I didn’t see anything in the forum addressing this.

I have been backing up my PC religiously, and got a new PC and wish to restore files.
I am successfully restoring them, but I would like to see the files being restored printed during the restore process.
I would think the “verbose” option would do it, but even with “-vvv” there is no output.

Here is the command line I am using in Windows:
restic -vvv -r h:\restic\tablet restore latest -i /usb_d/work -t /

And this is the entirety of what is printed out:

repository a3ab5256 opened successfully, password is correct
restoring <Snapshot a2e2f56a of [C:\] at 2022-01-15 16:14:12.9982457 -0500 EST by XXXXX@YYYYY> to /

Is there a way to get restic to print out file by file the files which are being restored?

Restore progress is one of the feature requests on the issue tracker.