Restore files in Windows with pathname longer than 256 bytes


I tried to backup files with Restic 9.1 in Windows environment from a Path, that is longer than 256 bytes which worked fine with the normal Pathname. No additional prefixes are necessary anymore.
But when I try to restore those files, I have to use the “\\?\” prefix, or the restore fails with an error “RestoreTimestamps: UtimesNano: The system cannot find the path specified”.
With the “\\?\” prefix in the --target option it works fine, but an absolute path has to be used.

Is there any chance, that this problem will be also solved for restoring files?

Best regards,
Volker Ringel

Please add an issue on GitHub so we can track it, I consider this a bug. Thanks!

I did some more checks on this issue. The file itself was restored correctly, but the timestamp of the restored file is incorrect without using the “\\?\” prefix in the target path.
I opened an issue (#1843) on GutHub.