Restic use its "archive/tar" library on a user container's mount namespace

1- How does Restic use its “archive/tar” library on a user container’s mount namespace.

In my Opinion, Restic would change its mount namespace to its user containers for accessing PV data,
2- So my question here is, Does Restic attempts to access PV data without changing a mount name space…?
And my next query is
3- How Restic accesses PV directly…?

Restic does not know what containers are and does not care. It runs within the context in which it was executed. If you want it to run within a particular container/namespace then you have to arrange for that to happen by executing the appropriate command.

Can Restic access Persistent volume directly?

Restic can access anything that it can see and has permissions for. It does not make any special requests concerning mount namespaces; it’s just another Unix command.

If cat can read it, then restic also can. If cat cannot, then restic cannot. (Any setuid configuration aside.)