Restic 'snapshots', 'ls', 'restore' speeds on B2 (share yours!)


Some good local tests (same network with 10Gbit connection) are here. With special tuning settings they are getting, I think over 200MB/s.


Running restores is parallel against the same repo and using the same local cache I get a lot of these errors, though hopefully not fatal, rather two restics both try to update the local cache.

Load(<snapshot/468a863ff7>, 0, 0) returned error, retrying after 2.563959855s: Create: open /var/foo/restic/541ced1298f269c45308c46e8849e5624c0c061b5649597445ca538405e47260/snapshots/46/468a863ff73c0e1ae6a1ec8dc2d2c8dfe11c8e25b85a015f00f8e45433a9e598: file exists


Uh, that’s odd and should not happen. Can you please report this as a new issue on GitHub so we can track it? Thanks!