Restic restore vs mount

Hey everyone,

  • regular restic restore from sftp server: 250KBps
  • copying files from the restic mount for the same sftp repo: 20MBps

That’s a huge difference I wasn’t expecting. Could anything be wrong with my setup?


Depending on the version of restic you’re using that’s expected. We only recently merged a PR which improves the restore performance a lot, so if you haven’t done this already, you could try one of our beta builds here:

Just tried the latest beta in your link, but it doesn’t improve much.
Anyways it doesn’t really matter if mounting and copying is a reliable way of restoring. Is there any downside with using this method?

thanks again

It should work just fine if you remember to copy the ownership, timestamps and extended attributes. It doesn’t work on Windows though, we don’t have fuse support there.

The only caveat I’ve found with mount is kind of expected: if the snapshot contains a symbolic link to an absolute path, that link will point outside of the snapshot. This is necessary so that you can copy the symlink back to the system and have it point where it did, but it means you have to be careful when cding around the mounted repository that you don’t accidentally switch to a directory outside of the snapshot.