Restic Restore Idea

What if when restic restore is ran without options, it enumerates a list of backups within the Terminal window, much like restic mount does? You could use the arrow keys to pick hosts / ids / snapshots / tags. You’d drill down the same way you do with restic mount - only in the terminal window (which should also work on Windows). Then when you’re ready to restore a file or directory, just highlight it and hit “shift+enter” or press “D” or whatever else sounds good (with a message at the bottom explaining what to do, to make it super simple).

Just a thought! :slight_smile:


I’d love to build something like that, e.g. using go-prompt library:

But unfortunately I don’t have much time right now (you can see this in the number of pull requests :cry:)

I have hopes that it won’t take too long until Windows can natively support fuse file systems, what Microsoft does with WSL is amazing…

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