Restic recovery tool

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing an issue with my restic backups stored in an object store, and I am seeking assistance to resolve the matter.

To provide some context, I have successfully saved 23TB of data in the object store using restic backup. However, when I attempt to list snapshots using the command restic snapshots, none appear.

I am interested in exploring the possibility of a recovery tool for restic or any method to decipher the data if I recover the contents of the object store.

Could you please guide me on any recommended steps, tools, or methods to troubleshoot and resolve this issue? Additionally, if there are recovery tools available or if there’s a process to decipher the data manually, I would greatly appreciate any information or resources you can provide.

Thanks in advance,

You are probably jumping ahead a bit here. There should be no need for a special “recovery tool”. Your first step is to gather information about the state of the repository.

Start by pasting here the complete restic snapshots command, and all of its output, when you are not seeing any snapshots. Also include any relevant environment variables used in/by the command (of course with sensitive info redacted).

Then also go into whatever backend you are using and see if you can find the folder named snapshots and check if there are any files in there.

Also, obviously you need to state which restic version you are using and what backend you are using.

It seems that I don’t have a snapshots folder

restic snapshots
repository e1f4b103 opened (version 1)

Do I need to run any commands to fix this?

There is no backup in there apparently! You need a snapshot folder. You don’t see any snapshots listed because you don’t have a snapshot folder.

Is the size of the repository small?

Run the backup again.