Restic + Rclone (pCloud) connection issues

Ever since switching from Backblaze to pCloud, I get a lot of these from time to time:

rclone: 2020/08/01 02:25:25 ERROR : data/1d/1d8dcc07a905a39833a5417d338f9924762913e71dfa72ca3880240a32d2395a: Post request rcat error: Put “”: write tcp> write: broken pipe

rclone: 2020/08/01 02:25:27 ERROR : data/f0/f0b68671a8f1be8dbf7582f2dd03b3e0f186e5eff579181471ac13a31899b334: Post request put error: Put “”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

Are there any switches I could add for Rclone that would make it more robust? More retries? Low level retries? This never happened on Backblaze, on the same repository (I rclone’d it) and on the same connection.