Restic Questions?

I was wondering if someone could shed some light on restic.Currently using Rsync for incremental backups.My questions are:
Can restic backup to another devices like a NAS drive or usb drive if mounting on a linux debian machine?
Can restic send an email report if the device is not mounted, if it fails, or if successful how many files were backup up and how long it took with the size?

Thank you


restic currently doesn’t handle mounts and e-mails itself. You’d need a script to do that for you. restic does however show status information (duration, number of files and size) during backups and at the end.

Thanks for the reply, as for the mount alert i guess i could use my script but for the email alert im guessing restic would print out a long and then use ssmtp to send it? Forgot to mention does it do differential backups?

day 1----file 1 and 2
day2----file 1 was edited but file 2 was not so only backups the new edited file

It’s not planned to add such a feature. But you could just pipe restic’s output to mail -s backup root@host and get a nice log emailed each day. If you don’t want to get emails unless restic fails, run it via chronic (“runs a command quietly unless it fails”).

Absolutely! Every backup is automatically deduplicated, you don’t need to differentiate between full/incremental backup. Each snapshot (as it’s called in restic) can be restored independently, there’s no need to go back and restore the last “full” backup, and then restore all incremental backup since then. restic automatically handles all of this. :slight_smile:


Thank you Alexander i will give it a go and try it out ill post back :slight_smile:

Thank you