Restic MinIO Failed

I get a Failed message, how can I solve this because I did try to edit policy with * on read write.

failed: client.BucketExists: All access to this bucket has been disabled.


  • Please ensure you have latest version of minio and mc (minio client).
  • Using mc, please check your bucket policy : mc policy get yourserver/yourbucket
  • And by the way, do you use bucket based or group/user based policy ?

From the error message, it seems to me that this is an ACL issue on the MinIO side.

What version of restic and what version of MinIO are you using?
Has this error come up before or is this the first time this happened?
Have you done anything to your system when this started happening? Any updates maybe? Or a new bucket?

It seems you got your problem resolved as we didn’t hear back from you.
Or are you still experiencing problems?