Restic Log file size snapshots?

I was wondering if someone can assist on the outcome of the logs? Currently im using cronjob to excute the restic script and i get an email of this outcome

     using parent snapshot e1dd6bd3
     scan [/media/smb]
    [0:01] 4977 directories, 61208 files, 905.682 GiB scanned 4977 directories, 61208 files in 0:01 [0:10]      12.56%  11.371 GiB/s  113.710 GiB / 905.682 GiB  33065 / 66185 items  0 errors  ETA 1:09 [0:20] 38.24%    17.318 GiB/s  346.355 GiB / 905.682 GiB  54662 / 66185 items  0 errors  ETA 0:32 [0:30] 70.34%  21.236  GiB/s  637.082 GiB / 905.682 GiB  62024 / 66185 items  0 errors  ETA 0:12 [0:39] 100.00%  21.236 GiB/s    905.682 GiB / 905.682 GiB  66185 / 66185 items  0 errors  ETA 0:12 

     duration: 0:39, 23680.38MiB/s
     snapshot 57b5ef7a saved
   snapshots for host prometheus, directories /media/smb:

   keep 8 snapshots:
  ID        Date                 Host        Tags        Directory
     57b5ef7a  2018-04-28 22:17:04  prometheus              /media/smb
    e1dd6bd3  2018-04-28 22:16:04  prometheus              /media/smb
     5a705a09  2018-04-28 22:08:17  prometheus              /media/smb
  b4c12f59  2018-04-28 19:05:05  prometheus              /media/smb
     73de7140  2018-04-28 19:04:09  prometheus              /media/smb
    f2e4e4b4  2018-04-28 18:59:44  prometheus              /media/smb
     b16c75dd  2018-04-28 18:22:05  prometheus              /media/smb
   c2da40e7  2018-04-28 18:01:15  prometheus              /media/smb

   remove 0 snapshots:
   ID        Date                 Host        Tags        Directory

The part where it says

     duration: 0:39, 23680.38MiB/s

meaning it took 39 seconds to do the backup (because no files were change) and the snapshot was around 23 gigs?

i was looking at the flags but not sure if its possible to add the part showing what files were backed up?

Thank you

This was just added yesterday to the master branch, you can find a pre-compiled binary here:

When you run restic backup -v -v /some/path it’ll report on each file.

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Thanks for the reply So i would update to restic_v0.8.3-191-g6d4c40f8_linux_arm64 then would run

        restic backup -v -v /some/path

But wouldnt i need to run

        restic -r /media/backupsdaily -v  backup /media/smb

as first the repository (location where the backup is going to be made) and the /media/smb the files that are going to be backup

when you say this was added yesterday the amount of each snapshot or what files were backup?

Thank you

You need to specify the repository location as usual, either with -r/--repo or via the environment variable. Use your usual command line to call restic, and just add -v -v after backup.

I don’t understand this question. Can you rephrase?

The code which added this function (print a line for each file/dir included in a backup snapshot) was merged to the master branch yesterday, that was what I meant.

thanks for the reply, so on the version restic_v0.8.3-191-g6d4c40f8_linux_arm64 is the part that has what i need. Perfect but one question, there is no documentation on upgrade restic to that version?
This is what i tried
Downloaded from the site you gave me restic_v0.8.3-191-g6d4c40f8_linux_arm64
then winscp the file to the root folder
gave it permisions

         chmod +x restic_v0.8.3-191-g6d4c40f8_linux_arm64

then moved that file to the restic bin

        mv restic_v0.8.3-191-g6d4c40f8_linux_arm64 /usr/local/bin/restic

but when i put restic version im getting this error

         -bash: /usr/local/bin/restic: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Thank you

Almost correct, but you’ve downloaded the wrong file: It’s for the arm64 architecture, but you likely need the one for the amd64 architecture. Is that correct?

The rest of your commands look good.

Thank you so much yeah that did the trick, added this code

       restic -r /media/backupnas/ backup -v -v /media/smb2

and my god i have to say the best backup solution ever known to man

now all i need is to pipe the results to email

You can look here Mail report without cron?

@moritzdietz Thanks for the reply really good help, theres just 2 things,

  1. i would need to add the password to the script for it to work
    This is what I had before

             export RESTIC_REPOSITORY=/media/backupnas
           export RESTIC_PASSWORD=mypassword
          restic backup -v -v /media/smb2
         restic forget --keep-last 30
  2. when it sends the email its attaching the old log from the previous backup

Thank you

Edit: so the number one i solved by adding this

  export RESTIC_REPOSITORY=/media/backupnas
   export RESTIC_PASSWORD=mypassword

    NOW=$( date '+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S' )
  restic backup -v -v /media/smb2 | /usr/bin/tee -a logfile-$now
    mail -s "Backup Success " < logfile-$now

       restic forget --keep-last 10

But i dont get where the logs are stored and i see that /usr/bin/tee leaves out a few details of the log

Edit2: i had to remove the -a so it does not append


Glad you figured it out! :slight_smile: