Restic encryption before sending to B2

I assume that everything is encrypted before being sent to B2, but after searching the forums and the documents I cannot find anything confirming this.

So my question is : Is everything encrypted before being sent over the wire to B2 ?


Yes, everything that Restic sends from your computer is encrypted.
Details about the encryption can be found on References page in the documentation.
It is also mentioned as the “Secure” design goal on the project home page.

I just re-read that page and the secure design goal. I understand that the destination is viewed as not trusted, by extention that means anything in transit is also not trusted.

So it would be not following that secure design goal if anything was sent unencrypted

I was just looking at some confirmation that this was indeed the case!

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

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Not only encrypted in transit, but encrypted in storage. If you create a repository even locally on your computer, the contents of that repository are encrypted and require a valid repository password to decrypt.

Thanks for the info!