Restic dump gives an invalid tar/zip

Hey there, I’ve just started using restic for backup purposes (of course), and I wanted to try out the dump command. I’m on a windows machine by the way.
The command I use, after having a backup in my repo, is restic -r .\playground\ dump latest / > restore.tar
The command itself works, doesn’t output anything to console, and creates a restore.tar file as it is supposed to.
However, this archive file is not openable, I keep getting errors saying the format is invalid.
I cannot attach the file here, I will try to send a link to it soon.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Here is a link with both tar and zip files:

Are you using cmd or powershell? Powershell unfortunately tries to convert all program output for UTF-16 which will break the tar and zip files.

See for example Don’t parse the pipeline as text when it is directed from an EXE to another EXE or file. Keep the bytes as-is. · Issue #1908 · PowerShell/PowerShell · GitHub and Lee Holmes | Redirecting Binary Output in PowerShell

Thanks!! I was indeed using powershell, and using cmd fixed it!