Restic Copy via docker - RESTIC_PASSWORD exists

I’m trying to to a restic copy between two local repositories (two different machines).
At the moment they both use the same repository password. As I’m using docker (resticker) the password is in RESTIC_PASSWORD environment var.

For the copy, it’s running in the container for repository 1. So any commands are run against that repository and RESTIC_PASSWORD variable is used. But for the copy command I need to specify a repo2 password-command or password file.

How can I pass RESTIC_PASSWORD for that repo 2? I tried password-command2 = cat $RESTIC_PASSWORD and a few other combinations like that, but it still asks me for the dest password.

See Working with repositories — restic 0.13.1 documentation - you can use RESTIC_PASSWORD2 :slight_smile: