Restic copy snapshots - Progress?

So I’ve been using restic’s copy command to transfer some snapshots to a remote bucket for a little over a month. I can tell it’s probably working because my bucket gets larger every day. Yet I have no idea what the overall progress is, or how long it will take to finish. I’m only transferring specific hosts/tags, so comparing the local/remote sizes won’t work.

Is there some way to get the command to show transfer progress? Or an upcoming feature?

We’ve recently merged progress bars for the copy command but those are not yet in a released version. You can either build the master branch yourself or use restic beta releases (/) .

How cool, thank you.

Do you think it would be risky to: Interrupt my copy operation, rebuild from restic 0.13.0 to master, try to resume the copy operation? If not, I think I’d like to give it a shot and report back.

Or perhaps I should just wait? Is there an estimate on how long until that commit makes it into a release?

All commands in restic are designed to allow interruptions at arbitrary points in time. Interrupting copy will probably just leave some garbage data behind which will be cleaned up when running prune at some later point in time.

We still have several PRs regarding compression support that have to be merged first and then we’d like to wait a bit until there has been at least some testing. So it will likely take > 2 months.

I have tested the copy but the progress bar has not appeared.

Which restic version did you use? Using the latest master branch I get the following output:

snapshot d0d24cf0 of [/tmp] at 2022-05-21 14:17:27.154356754 +0200 CEST)
  copy started, this may take a while...
[0:01] 100.00%  40 / 40 packs copied...
snapshot d4385c07 saved

ok !
but show transfer progress for the single snapshot? 1%…10%…50%…100%?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. With the latest changes, copy shows a progress bar for each individual snapshot.

snapshot d0d24cf0 of [/tmp] at 2022-05-21 14:17:27.154356754 +0200 CEST)
  copy started, this may take a while...
.........10% completed
.........20% completed
........100% completed

That line is updated interactively.