Restic backup, percent_done bug?


I’m using ‘–json’ parameter to get the backup output to stdout in JSON format.
I got an awkward ‘percent_done’ based in the folders I pass as parameter.

I’m doing:

‘restic -r /repo backup /parent /parent/child-1 /parent/child-2 /parent/child-3 --json’
The percent_done returned don’t go beyond 51~53%. However, the backup is done right.

If I pass only the parent folder, the percent_done works as expected (100%)
‘restic -r /repo backup /parent --json’

I know, doesn’t make sense to use the ‘child’ folders once I have already passed the ‘parent’. However I got this ‘error’ and would like to know if I should open an issue.

├── child-1
     └── several-files and directories
├── child-3
     └── several-files and directories
├── child-2
     └── several-files and directories

I’m using restic 0.11.0, tried in both Linux and Windows.

Good find! I was able to reproduce this using the latest beta relase as well.

Have you done any searches here in the forum or on GitHub to make sure that this won’t be a duplicate?

Hi @moritzdietz , yes, I did and haven’t found anything. Let me know if I should open an issue.

Yeah I think that makes sense! Especially since we haven’t heard much here from other folks.
Plus the upside is that this is easily reproducible.