Repo storage consumption

Let’s say I want to backup 100GB of data using restic and i run the backup command daily for 7 days, over the 7 days 1 GB of data is changed. At the end of this, how big would the repo be?

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The size of the repository after the initial backup and the subsequent backups depends entirely on how well the data deduplicates. If you have a lot of similar text files, they will deduplicate highly compared to a lot of different binary data. It’s really impossible to say without knowing more.

I suggest you try it. You can rest assured that it will not take more than 101 GB (besides a little bit of space for the actual files keeping track och snapshots, indexes, packs, etc), that’s for sure :slight_smile:

It will most likely take notably less than 101 GB, as presumably some of your data will deduplicate fine.