Question about terminating restic when using it with rclone

Sorry if this sounds stupid.

I’ve created a repo and I’m creating a snapshot using rclone.

Now, my question: restic is currently uploading data right now, is creating a backup of a whole drive. In the output (out and err) I get nothing about the current operations except for the initial scanning (I’m guessing because rclone is doing all the uploading stuff so I should have added a log command to rclone too) so I’m wondering if Ctrl+C’ing the process will fkup something; can I, without corrupting anything, send Ctrl+C to stop everything? Will restic also stop rclone?
My question comes more than anything because I’m using an external tool to upload the data so I’m thinking maybe if I Ctrl+C restic, the only thing that will exit is restic and rclone will keep going. I’m not using rclone with mount, I’m using the restic serve feature that rclone has builtin.


rclone should also exit when restic is stopped. How did you start restic? A plain run of restic backup should display progress information.